Family Wagon Ride

Exploring the maple forest by horse drawn wagon is a terrific experience for couples or the whole family. As you ride through the bush, you will feel as if you have gone back in time to the tradition of the early settlers. Along the way you might see some of the local wildlife such as deer or rabbits.

Finish off your experience by visiting the 15 resident horses and ponies, most of them rescued or retired. Every horse from cute little Muffin to massive Big Eddie, looks forward to meeting people and has a special story to share.

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Meet and Brush your Favorite Horse

You’ll start with a tour of the farm to meet our 13 resident horses and ponies, most of them rescued or retired. Every horse, from cute little Muffin to massive Big Eddie, has a special story to share and looks forward to interacting with people.

Since all the horses need regular grooming, hoof care and feeding; you can choose one that catches your eye, bring it into the barn and be part of their care team for that day. We will show you how to brush and care for your chosen horse … a real hands-on experience! Don’t be surprised if you develop a special connection with your new friend.

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Winter Sleigh Ride + Campfire

Start your family’s adventure with a visit around our horse farm, meet the 13 resident horses and ponies and learn their stories. Then pile under blankets aboard one of the classy red sleighs and take off into a magical winter wonderland along our private woodland trails. End your sleigh ride at a crackling private campfire where you can warm your toes while sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows.

The sleigh ride takes about 40 minutes and the complete experience is one hour in total.

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Romantic Evening Sleigh Ride + Campfire

Picture yourself and someone special tucked into a cozy red Dr. Zhivago sleigh, piled high with blankets behind a big black Percheron or a cute cuddly Fjord. Glide through the woods on snow-covered trails lit with glowing lights and lanterns and sense how the forest has a special feeling at night; peaceful, mysterious and tranquil. End up at a crackling private campfire where a warm beverage awaits. Roast some marshmallows and warm your toes.

Your ride is especially romantic and personal, just for the two of you. A perfect date or a very special setting for a proposal.

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