Whatever you are able to donate would be a blessing to us. You can simply use the Donate button below or send an e-Transfer to [email protected]

Feed a Horse During COVID-19

Our hope and prayer is that Back of Beyond will not become a casualty of COVID-19. The recurring lockdowns have cut deeply into our funding and our ability to care for our horses. It costs about $300 per month for food and healthcare, per horse. We have 10 older, retired or rescued horses to care for, many with special needs. We need your help to support them so they can live out their days in peace.

Please consider a monthly or one-time donation of $25, $50 or $100. Your contribution will be a great help to keeping the horses happy and healthy. Thank you!

Our Change Community

By supporting our Missions you will empower individuals and families to become leaders, in our communities, who inspire optimism and love through the saving hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our programs develop Christian lifestyle and values,  promote love and understanding of others and an appreciation for the Word of God. Long-term the result is healthy, inspired, Gospel centred individuals who contribute to making our communities a better place.

How We Use Donations

Our Change Community equips us to offer free Missions to those in need. Your support will help with the cost of our property maintenance, program materials, horse care and more.

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