Why Sponsor a Horse at Back of Beyond?

Back of Beyond has several horses in need of support. Many of these are old, rescued and retired horses. These special horses are an integral part of our summer Christian Ministries, Biblical Counselling and individual sessions. All these programs promote the saving hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are offering a sponsorship opportunity for interested individuals. When you sponsor a horse or pony, for a month, at $300 (the actual cost of feed, bedding, hoof trimming, vaccinations and veterinarian care) you receive an update and a photo.  Sponsors can schedule in-person visits to develop your own horse connection for that month. Please call or email when you want to visit.

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We have calculated the average monthly cost per horse for general routine care is around $300.00 but whatever you are able to donate would be a blessing to us. You can simply use the Donate button below or send an e-Transfer to [email protected]

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Our Horses

Most of the horses at Back of Beyond are rescued or retired show horses. Their riding days are over. They still, however, have much to give and many things to teach people, young and old. For the horses who call this place home, Back of Beyond offers a safe haven, a gentle hand, and a life purpose.

Our Sponsor Program

Sponsoring the care of one of our horses enables us to ensure quality care for them. Your support will help with the cost of feed, bedding, hoof care, vaccinations and veterinarian bills.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Receive updates and photo of your horse
  • Come for scheduled onsite visits to develop a connection with your horse