Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Velvet’s Foal


Hello again! My baby has a name. We are calling her Chantilly Lace or Tilly for short. She is still very friendly and lively. In fact, she likes children just as much as I do. There are many children here at Back of Beyond and they always stop by my paddock to visit Tilly and me.

I do have one little struggle with Tilly though. She is not the best follower. When we go out from the stall to the paddock in the morning, Tilly does not want to follow. My other foals always stayed very close to me wherever I went. Not my Tilly. She just loves to run around the farm and in and out of the barn. In fact, the other day she ran away and dashed inside the barn without me. Cathy and I had to go back inside to get her. After that, Cathy led her on her body rope. That worked much better.

– Velvet