Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Vacation Bible Camps 2018

Written By Nancy West – Back of Beyond Volunteer

Back of Beyond Equine Centre hosted 2 Vacation Bible Camps this summer – one from July 30 to August 3 and the other from August 6 to August 10.  This was a collaboration between Child Evangelism Fellowship, Harvest Muskoka Church and Back of Beyond.  

Child Evangelism Fellowship ran a two-hour program on location each day which consisted of Bible Stories, memory verses, songs and theme-based crafts.  The horse camp ran for 3 hours each day and consisted of grooming the horses, and playing a game with horses that reflected the Bible story shared that day.  There was a wagon ride on the last day of each week that the children thoroughly enjoyed!  Harvest Muskoka provided the snacks and purchased much of the craft components. 

The recently-trained youth volunteers were able to assist during the camp, practising their newly acquired leadership skills while helping the children with the various activities. 

What was amazing was the number of children that attended the camp!  The first week started with 16 children that grew to 25 on the last day (Bring a friend day).  The second week saw 18 children start which kept expanding during the week and ended on the Friday with 30 children!!  Most exciting of all was that 2 girls accepted Jesus into their hearts during the second week!  God is so good!

Back of Beyond looks forward to hosting this camp again next year.