Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Our Summer Mission Report

By Nancy West


Summer 2019 has been a very special time at Back of Beyond.  We have had the privilege of being the site of several wonderful Child evangelism events targeting 6 to 12-year-olds. And we have had the privilege of seeing God move!

We have had 3 Slingshot Saturdays, and 3 Vacation Bible Camps. These events were sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship and Harvest Church.  What was unique about these events is that transportation was provided from Bracebridge and Huntsville absolutely free!  Roughly a third of the participating children took advantage of this valuable service – children who may not have been able to participate otherwise.

Through these events, approximately 90 children were told about Jesus and how He desires a relationship with them.  What an amazing privilege for our adult volunteers!

There were Bible verses painted on horses, lots of fresh air, children laughing and playing games, fabulous food, music (with every child playing an instrument), wagon rides and Bible stories.  And you know what?  The volunteers were having as much fun as the children! They worked tirelessly throughout the many days of activities.  Back of Beyond, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and Harvest Church would like to thank them so much for making themselves available for this very important work.

How important?  Well God showed up like He always does.  Seven children gave their lives to Jesus this summer.  And one of them was a youth volunteer!  What a privilege to have a front-row seat to watch Him work!