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Our 3rd Annual Wood Bee Report

The 3rd Annual Wood Bee was a great success. A huge thank you to the more than 50 men, women and children who served, in the rain, to support the community.


The efforts of these warm-hearted individuals have ensured that individuals and families, who need wood for the winter, have either had wood already delivered or can pick it up later.


There is free firewood ready for those in need to pick up for this winter season. Please contact Bill at 705-789-1605 or [email protected] if this applies to you. 


Some highlights of the day were:

  • Approximately  35 face cords of wood were cut, split and stacked. Processed and unprocessed wood came to Wood Bee from a variety of locations donated by generous individuals. 

  • On Saturday a small fleet of dump trucks and trailers were busy delivering wood to families throughout Muskoka. 

  • All the workers enjoyed a hot lunch, hot drinks and snacks provided by many supporters. 

  • The Wood Bee started at 8 am and the last wood was finished at 5 pm.

  • Equipment (saws, splitters, trucks, safety gear etc.) was provided even by those who could not attend.


One participant said…

“Wow, what a great day, Praise the Lord!

It was such an honour to serve alongside so many of the body of Christ today.

His name was lifted high and many were blessed by the fruit of our labours. 

God was glorified today!”



It was a great day!

Those who received wood were blessed but even more so, those that served!