Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Liz & Cleo

Bill and I would like to introduce you to Liz and her special horse, Cleo. Liz and Cleo have been an integral part of Back of Beyond for several years. We first met Liz on a sleigh ride with her family several years ago, and we were immediately drawn to her warm personality and a big heart. Shortly after that Liz brought Cleo to live at Back of Beyond permanently. It has been a privilege, throughout the years, to watch the bond between Liz and her special girl Cleo develop. It is so inspiring to see Cleo’s ears prick up when Liz’s car pulls into the yard and hear her enthusiastic whinny when she sees her special person.

Liz is also an important part of the barn life at Back of Beyond as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. Several years ago, Liz and I trained to deliver a unique program to develop leadership skills in young people and adults. Liz is an amazing facilitator and always ensures safety and accountability for the program. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is also really good at floor sweeping (needed much more often than you would think) watering the horses (a never-ending task especially on hot days) and general barn maintenance (we would all be lost without Liz keeping the monthly calendar up to date).

The story of Liz and Cleo has been an incredible journey for sure. A journey of deep pain, sadness and fear giving way to the power of love, trust and respect. See how Cleo has given special meaning to Liz’s life.