Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Kirsten & Angel

Kirsten and Angel have one of the most exceptional horse-human bonds at Back of Beyond. Their story is about a unique horse (Angel), a special person (Kirsten) and the extraordinary bond between them. A bond built on mutual love, trust and respect.

Love – because despite the fact that Angel only has one eye, Kirsten never sees her as less than other horses. Kirsten does not focus on Angel as a one-eyed horse but on who Angel really is, despite her disability.

Trust – because Angel trusts Kirsten to be kind and Kirsten trusts Angel to be gentle. Over the years they have proven themselves to each other; to be reliable, honest and safe to be with.

Respect – because both Angel and Kirsten deeply admire the abilities and qualities of each other and they are both content with the parameters of their relationship.

To watch them together is truly remarkable and heartwarming.