Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Introducing… Velvet!


Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Velvet and this is my story.

When people look at me they always smile and say how cute I am. I like to think I am more beautiful than cute but it does not really matter. My coat is a lovely shade of gray and is getting lighter every year. Someday I will be almost white but not yet. I am not really that big as far as horses go, but when I stretch up very tall I feel big enough. I am expecting a baby in the spring and this is very exciting for me! I hope I will be a good mom. I know babies need a lot of care so I am trying to eat as much as I can to be ready.

Right now I live at Back of Beyond Equine Centre. I came here the other day from another farm a few hours away. I had some good friends there – Sam and Mike. They took good care of me and I miss them but I have already made some new friends! There are lots of other happy horses and friendly people here, and children. I do love children! Also, there is a very fun dog named Sadie. Sadie is a really fluffy dog. She says she is called a German Shepherd and her job is to take care of Back of Beyond – especially at night. She is really exciting and we are already playing running games together. Sadie says the older horses are boring and they will not run with her. Just Waltzie and me are the runners. Waltzie is another young horse here, and she looks like lots of fun as well.

Well, I am off to eat my evening hay now and tuck in for the night. See you all soon!