Healing With Horses

Horses are one of God’s most intuitive and majestic creations. At Back of Beyond we believe in the healing power and hope of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word. Putting these two things together, with horses, reveals what is really going on in a person’s life and empowers individuals to make change and see where healing needs to take place.

Why Horses?

What is it about a horse that touches our heart in places that need attention and teaches us how to affect change in our own lives?

Horses have a unique ability to connect with humans. Their social system is similar to ours in that they seek trust, respect, integrity and clarity within their herd and with their human leaders. Horses care about their human relationships and want to make a meaningful connection. They do not lie, they make no judgements and they accept each person where they are at. Working with horses teaches people how to direct their lives with autonomy, mastery and purpose and see new possibilities and perspectives.

We also know from research, horses have many physiological benefits as well. Simply being close to and touching a horse really does make you feel better. As Winston Churchill said, “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man”

Individual Sessions – Individual sessions consist of one-on-one time with a certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach and a horse. The goal is to develop new skills, perceptions and better manage life’s situations. Each session includes lots of horse/human interaction and supportive discussion. Sessions are usually once per week for 4 weeks. Cost – $100 plus HST per hour

Family and Small Group Sessions – Coaches also work with families and other groups to facilitate communication, empathy and unity. The horses are a central part of every session and are the catalyst to opening up meaningful discussion and experiencing new ways to deal with life issues. Sessions can extend over a period of weeks or be a one-time event. Cost – $150 plus HST total for a group of up 4 people for 1.5 hour session.

To book a session please call Cathy at 705-789-1605 or email [email protected]

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