Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Goodbye Beautiful Summer

The leaves are changing and there is a nip in the air this morning as we reflect on the summer of 2018. The hot bright days, we enjoyed most of the summer, are definitely over.

Over the summer period, we trained many new volunteers who had a chance to help out with the camps and special groups. It was great to get to know so many young people and adults, introduce them to the horses and show them the love of Christ.

We also began to do more ministry with the horses and are excited to see God at work in the lives of people of all ages and walks of life.

Even though the horses struggle with the heat, they all came through the summer very well and are plumping and fluffing up just in time for winter. Major is a little greyer around the eyes but still going strong. Apollo still rules his herd and keeps Damascus under control (although he has to work at it some days). Jackson has been out trimming the lawn for most of the summer and Beau is as handsome as ever.

The mares are separated into two herds to give them more space and shed room for the winter and they are settled and happy. Muffin, Velvet and Pashmina are in one field and Angel, Tilly and Mia in the other.

The sleigh horses (Duke, Eddie and Phoenix) had the summer off in preparation for the upcoming sleigh season and will be getting their winter shoes soon.

Betty, Brady and Kestrel were favourites with all the children and have been very well brushed and petted.

We look forward to another sleigh season and wait to see what God will do in the upcoming year at Back of Beyond to build His kingdom.

– Bill and Cathy