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EXCITING NEWS!! Special Delivery . . .


Hello everyone.

Well, the most amazing thing has happened! I am a mother. Sunday morning very early, at 1:15 AM to be exact, I had a very cute black filly. The delivery was really fast and easy and my baby stood within about 15 minutes. For those of you who don’t know, a filly is a girl foal.

About an hour after delivery

About an hour after delivery

I am a very good mother. I should be, I have had foals before you know. This baby is a particularly friendly and laid back little girl. She has a white star and the rest of her is completely black. I think she will grow up to be bigger than I am. Her cannon bones (these are the long bones in the legs) are quite a bit longer than mine and she really does seem to be all legs. I also think she will probably turn grey like I am. I was born black as well, you know, and have turned grey over time. My baby has a bit of grey on her face already so I am pretty sure.

Now I will have to think of a name for her. There have been lots of suggestions but I have not decided yet.image

I have had lots of visitors too! Everyone that comes to the barn is very excited to see us! Well, Cathy has brought me a new pile of hay to munch so I am off to eat. Being a mother makes me very hungry!