Equine Assisted Biblical Soul Care

Horses As Teachers

Horses are created by God, and as His creation reflect God, His attributes and His patterns. As a prey animal, horses are especially in tune with and aware of subtle human (predator) body-language and intentions and reflect these in their actions – always assessing what individuals motivations and intentions are. Living in a community (their herd) is critical for horses and reflects attributes of the body of Christ – they need each other.

Interactive Learning

Activities with the horses provide an opportunity for interactive, experiential insight into human vertical and horizontal relationships. In identifying the attributes of the horses (created beings) participants see the glory and nature of the Creator. Individuals are guided to correct Biblical principles and challenged to go deeper through specific questions initiated by the horse’s reactions and are then led to discover and internalize gospel truths.

horses... the natural connection

Participants practice, consider and recognize the process of gospel living during interactions with the horses. Horses give immediate and honest feedback to their environment. A change in participants attitudes (which leads to a change of body language) has a profound effect on the horse’s behaviour. A certified leader, through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, provides and adapts activities to suit individual participants and meet specific goals.



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