Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Double The Fun This Sleigh Ride Season!

Wow! What a fantastic Sleigh Ride Season!

We almost doubled (200!) our sleigh rides from last year thanks to some wonderful and adventurous guests!

We thoroughly loved meeting all the friends and families who came to experience a winter sleigh ride and hope to see many familiar faces next year!

“On behalf of Team Garard, a great big thank you for Saturday! From start to finish, we had a terrific time, and it truly was a great experience! You made us all feel like Family, and you made our 34th Anniversary, one we shall always remember!”

– David Garard


“For our 10th anniversary in December, I surprised my husband with a romantic evening sleigh ride. Bill and Cathy (co-owners) of Back of Beyond, along with some helpers, made sure our experience would be a special one. The attention to detail was impressive. Our sleigh had ample blankets to keep us warm. We were each given a thermos of hot chocolate for the ride. They even included individual hot water bottles for us to use under the blankets. It was already dark by the time we headed out, but the pathways were lit with strategically placed lights, which made it all the more romantic. Afterwards we were treated to a private campfire with special treats laid out for us on a picnic table. One of the benches by the fire had a blanket covering it and there were more strategically placed ambient lights. Once settled, we were left to ourselves and encouraged to linger as long as we wanted. It really was a magical experience!”

– Carolyn Trueman Long



“Amazing sums up this wonderful experience. From the time we checked in we were created with warmth, friendliness and a bright smile. We fell in love with Eddie and Phoenix and had a wonderful sleigh ride through the woods. It was a chilly -22 today but the warm blankets provided and the super awesome heated water bottles made us feel warm and snug. My family of 4 loved this experience and it truly was a wonderful day. You MUST make this a to do item when you are in the Huntsville area. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.”

– Jodi Roberts-Solomon


Thank you all for joining us this Sleigh Ride Season!


(Photographer credit: David Garard)