Back of Beyond Equine Centre


  • Horses Make People Feel Better

    Recently I found some information to support what I have been observing for years. Horses make people feel better, both in the barn and long after they have left it. Learning about horses and spending time interacting with them in various ways has a positive impact on people’s lives.

    New Scientific Research concludes that children who […]

  • Velvet’s Foal

    Hello again! My baby has a name. We are calling her Chantilly Lace or Tilly for short. She is still very friendly and lively. In fact, she likes children just as much as I do. There are many children here at Back of Beyond and they always stop by my paddock to visit Tilly and […]

  • EXCITING NEWS!! Special Delivery . . .

    Hello everyone.

    Well, the most amazing thing has happened! I am a mother. Sunday morning very early, at 1:15 AM to be exact, I had a very cute black filly. The delivery was really fast and easy and my baby stood within about 15 minutes. For those of you who don’t know, a filly is a […]

  • Velvet’s Story (Part 2)

    When I was sleeping last night I had a dream. I dreamed about my life before Mike and Sam took care of me. I was at another farm, when one day a trailer came to pick all of the horses up including me. I was not afraid, I just walked onto the trailer with my […]

  • Introducing… Velvet!

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Velvet and this is my story.

    When people look at me they always smile and say how cute I am. I like to think I am more beautiful than cute but it does not really matter. My coat is a lovely shade of gray and is […]

  • Dashing through the snow…

    This winter has certainly been a busy one! Jake and Paige, our magnificent sleigh team, along with their good friend Major in the one-horse open sleigh – have entertained numerous families, groups, and couples with the joys of a winter sleigh ride through Muskoka.
    Recently we were able to host Dave and Deb from the […]

  • Who leads who?

    The herd at Back of Beyond continues to grow. The latest additions are Bo, a striking paint gelding and Annie a gentle Trakhener mare. They have joined Star and Pinball as part of the lawnmower brigade and spend their days chilling in the arena grooming each other or grazing. All four of them together do […]

  • Can every physically-sound horse be ridden?

    Can every physically-sound horse be ridden? Or are there some horses that are just not good with a rider? I have heard of expensive horses being sold at auction for peanuts because no one could ride them.

    There are many reasons why a physically-sound horse might find riding stressful or difficult and act accordingly. First of […]

  • How do you decide on a horse of your own??

    Hi Cathy! When deciding to commit to having your own horse, what sort of things should influence your decision? And what should not? (as in, you may have a colour preference, but there is more to picking the ‘right’ horse than that, right?) Obviously a beginner rider would need a horse that’s not TOOO advanced, […]