Become a Teamster!

Try a new adventure. Experience being a teamster with the heavy horses. Groom, harness and drive the horses through our woodland trails in the tradition of the original Muskoka settlers.

Learn something – Bring in a team of draft horses from the field, groom them, feed them and harness up

By doing something – Hitch the horses to the wagon or sleigh and learn to drive. Take a tour through the fields and woods behind the big boys

With someone who does it every day – Bill and Cathy have had horses all their lives, know horses well and can show you what you need to know to be a teamster for an afternoon.

Ready for a different kind of outdoor winter experience?

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$130 plus HST for a single person for the 1.5-hour program

$190 plus HST (in total) for 2 people for the 1.5-hour program.

All Seasons

Our equipment easily transitions from wheels to skis for a smooth ride almost any time of the year.

Our Farm

2572 Muskoka Rd #10, Huntsville