Back of Beyond Equine Centre

2017 Year in Review from the Horses at Back of Beyond

I find it hard to believe another year has flown by so quickly! All of us – the horses and ponies at Back of Beyond – are a bit older but still going strong.

Muffin is doing tremendously well on her new medication and has never looked so good.

Mia is learning to drive and will soon be whizzing around in front of the sleigh.

Angel continues to have the most beautiful mane ever.

Pashmina is still not sure about the hula hoops, but Velvet has learned to love to play all the games.

Tilly has grown up a lot and is ready to find that special person as she is almost four years old now.

Damascus is still the boss of his field of Jackson, Dolby and Cleo.

The three big black horses, Eddie, Pheonix and Duke, are getting in shape for the upcoming sleigh season. This year they have three small but mighty helpers – three Norwegian Fjords – Kestrel, Betty and Brady. Major is as bouncy as ever (he is older than he seems) and Beau quietly and calmly follows us all around.

As for me, I still rule the farm as the lead horse. I may be small and getting old, but I am still mighty.

We had so much fun again this year, teaching people young and old about us horses, how we think and how we communicate. The games we play with people show them what their inner thought patterns are and open their minds to new learning. But most of all our role is to reflect how great and awesome our Creator, the God of the Bible, is and to lead people to a saving hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, from all of us horses to all of you who know and love us, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

– Apollo