Teaching Horses

Back of Beyond is privileged to have a dozen well mannered, happy teaching horses of various levels ranging from Muffin (a small beginner lead line pony) to Pinball (our Oldenburg Grand Prix Jumper). We take great care in selecting the right horse for each person, as we value the unique lessons each horse has to teach. All the horses are well trained, well fed, and healthy; living in a natural and supportive environment.

Star horse portrait

Star is the matriarch of the entire herd at Back of Beyond. She is over 30 years young and going strong. The gentle Star loves to be groomed and stands very still for even the most nervous person.

A very pretty grey welsh pony mare, Pashmina tries very hard to please.

Pinny is a retired Oldenburg Grand Prix jumper. He teaches upper level riders on the flat and enjoys a good grooming.

Arthur is a Standardbred that has found a new life at Back of Beyond. He is very sensitive and gentle and loves Tic Tacs.

Major is a Belgian – the horse the knights in shining armor rode into battle! He is a gentle soul and carries beginner riders around happily, loves a good trail ride and pulls the sleigh and wagon.


A very special guy. Calm, trustworthy, brave and very steady. He has lots of love letters from the many children he has carefully and patiently taught to ride.

Dolby horse portrait

Dolby is the youngest member of the teaching herd. At 5 years old he is gaining experience in teaching and having lots of fun along the way.

Damascus 2012

Affectionately known as Big D, Damascus was born at Back of Beyond and enjoys a devoted following of riders who enjoy riding a good hunter. Big D is a bit of a Houdini and can open almost every type of stall door and escape for a trot around and a bit of grass. He is also an excellent lunge line horse and patiently and carefully carries riders of all abilities.


Beau has settled in happily at Back of Beyond and has a special best friend, Annie. Beau is very fond of people and loves his job as a teaching horse, always doing his best. He has very unusual blue eyes and cool markings as well.


Dexter has a big heart and a generous spirit. He is fun to ride and a true gentleman.


Muffin is the second cutest pony in the world, next to Gazoo of course. She has takes her job as Waltzie’s aunt and guardian very seriously and is amazingly patient and kind with small children.


Jake loves to have fun and thoroughly enjoys a good splashdown with the garden hose when it is hot. If there is no spraying hose available – he amuses himself by swimming his feet in his water bucket with his friend Cleo. His teammate is his sister, Paige, and he is extremely devoted to her.


Paige is very sure of herself and takes her sleigh and wagon-pulling duties very seriously. She knows her job well and makes sure Jake stays in-line when they are hitched together. She loves a good grooming and there is certainly lots of her to groom.


Annie is one of the sweetest horses at Back of Beyond. She always tries hard to please, is calm very gentle and extremely trustworthy.

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