Horses For Christ


Homeschooler Session Starting : Wednesdays, May 17 – June 14
Time : 2:30 – 3:30 pm

After-School  Session Starting : Wednesdays, May 17 – June 14
Time : 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Bill and Cathy, at Back of Beyond, feel led by the Lord and are excited to use the horses to minister to young people. They have, over the past few years, had quite a number of children helping out at the barn and spending time there and so they thought of amalgamating them all in a discipleship program entitled “Horses for Christ.”

The program will aim to have kids learn more about God through his creation – in this instance, the horses. Horses for Christ connects an older (11 plus years) and more experienced young person with children 4-10 years old in a discipleship role. The older kids will assist in the program at no charge, have a mentor role with the younger children and by way of example, help the younger children work with the horses – During the program, the children will learn how to brush a horse, care for them, play leading games and experience some foundational riding while being led all while having fun learning an object lesson from God’s word, with the horses.

Other days/sessions available upon request.

Rate :1 Child – $60+ HST | 2 Children – $80 + HST | 3+ Children – $100 + HST  (includes all 5 weeks)
Program Assistants/Mentors : (children 11+)No Cost

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