Equine Assisted Learning

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Benefits For Teams

Strong leaders possess passion, determination, confidence, positivity and commitment. They realize
the importance of maintaining personal integrity by acting with honesty, courage, sincerity, compassion and sensitivity. Horses are innately astute and intuitive. They seek to find trusted and respectful leadership when interacting with a person. The success of a business team depends on competent leadership and relationships built on trust and respect. Building leadership skills with a horse, through experiential learning, is interactive, engaging and fun. Horses immediately pick up on an individual’s authentic self and will encourage your team to use relevant skills in order to achieve success such as keen observation, effective communication, active listening, productive negotiation, & self confidence.


Equine Assisted Learning can help create a team of problem solvers who can think outside the box using creative solutions to resolve challenges. In addition, your team goes away knowing one another’s strengths and having an appreciation for their individual talents.

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