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Benefits For Health

Horses are innately astute and intuitive and their behavior reflects their authentic feelings. As prey animals, horses have the ability to pick up on subtle shifts in the emotional environment and mirror it. Horses are sensitive non-judgmental teachers and when interacting with a person, they are always looking for trusted and respectful leadership. As a person develops in this role they build a bond based on mutual love, trust, and respect. Research has proven the healing benefits of Human/Animal interaction, including Social behavior (interpersonal interactions and mood), Stress-related parameters (cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure), Fear and anxiety, Mental and physical health, Immune system improvement, & Pain management.


Equine Assisted Learning is the most incredible interactive horse-human learning experience available and offers a remarkable opportunity to connect with and understand your subconscious mind and inner self. Equine Assisted Learning enhances empathy, reduces aggression and stress, and increases self-confidence. The healing that comes from participating in Equine Assisted Learning has life changing results.

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