Equine Assisted Learning

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Benefits For Youth
Horses are innately astute and intuitive and their behaviour reflects their authentic feelings. When interacting with a person, they seek to find trusted and respectful leadership. Horses consistently model assertiveness and teach youth how to become more confident and make good decisions. Horses give honest and instant feedback as participants modify and change their behaviour. Horses instill empathy and compassion in the participants. Horses promote problem solving and creative solutions. Youth are taught how to change their perspective on social interactions while learning essential skills such as: Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, & Empathy.

Each of our exercises are custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills through fun interactive group challenges. Teams of horse and human will work to: develop relationships; accept responsibility and accountability; overcome barriers to change; be encouraged to be creative and innovative; develop their potential by working together; realize the benefits associated with effective communication; recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity. All while having a blast!

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