My Desire To Connect

“I have been visiting with Cathy and the herd of horses at Back of Beyond Equine Centre for over a year now, and I cannot believe how my perspective has evolved in that time. I had ridden on and off throughout my entire life, but never before had I experienced the connection and communication with horses that I found here. For starters, I have discovered that there is a vast difference between leading your horse, and having them follow you. Not only that but the self confidence that Cathy has encouraged me to develop around the horses has flowed into my daily stride, and I believe my experience has been truly life-changing.

The very first time I saw Cathy with her horse Damascus, I was completely entranced. Her tiny requests to such a large creature never went unnoticed, and when they moved together – it was as if they had one mind between them. Their ability to read one another was so much more than familiarity with routine, and I realized while watching them that my love for horses came from something other than childhood dreams of show ponies. My love for horses came from my desire to connect with something.

Connection is what you will find at Back of Beyond. It may not be with the horse you expect, but Cathy will help you find – and connect with – a true friend.

There are few experiences I would recommend this highly.”