That One Ride…

“It was supposed to be one horseback ride, one afternoon – just enough to satisfy my curious five-year-old daughter. That was almost four years ago and we’ve been going almost every week since! Cathy was so patient and kind; she let my daughter progress at her own pace. Some days we just visited with the horses, other days my daughter rode. Either way, my daughter always learned something new. Cathy believes it’s important to let the learner and the horse develop a relationship, a relationship built on respect, harmony and fondness.  She uses the horses as an aid to help individuals learn about themselves, just as much as they learn about the magnificent animals.

That’s the reason I decided to bring my class from the Bracebridge Adult Education and Training Centre for a series of lessons. Each student was paired with a horse; unbeknownst to me, these pairings weren’t random. Every horse had something to teach his/her rider. Whether it was horsemanship, confidence, a riding technique, or humility, my students all gained something from the experience. Cathy and the horses make the perfect teaching team. They were awed by the horses’ beauty and strength, just as much as they were surprised to discover their own abilities. It was an experience my students will never forget.

That one ride, on that one afternoon four years ago has ignited – what looks to be – a life-long interest in horses. But more than that, we discovered a peaceful, beautiful place that’s just a little ways back of beyond.”