Our Purpose

To glorify God through belief in Jesus Christ; the source of true hope and healing. To proclaim the gospel through faith in action, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. To serve God by providing an opportunity for individuals to connect with horses as a means to experiencing who God really is and understanding scriptural truths about the Lord as written in the Bible.

Our Horses

Most of the horses at Back of Beyond are rescued or retired show horses. Their riding days are over. They still, however, have much to give and many things to teach people, young and old.

Our Participants

Mission programs introduce individuals, groups, and families to horses and show them who these magnificent creatures really are, how they communicate, think and perceive the human world.

Our Activities

Activities with the horses (round penning, lunging, grooming, hiking and playing leading games) draw parallels to truths from the Bible and our own human lives. A strong bond is developed, empathy is acquired and connections are nurtured at a deeply personal level between horse, human and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Funding

We offer these programs at no cost to participants, however, donations are gratefully accepted.

Equine Biblical Soul Care

Our programs offer a platform to equip and build up the body of Christ with Biblical truths.

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Healing With Horses

Kirsten & Angel Back of Beyond Equine CentreOur programs offer a safe place to experience horses and promote healing from hurt and trauma.

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Vacation Bible Camp

Through experiential learning, campers are able to grow in faith, horsemanship and leadership skills.

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