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Welcome to Back of Beyond Equine Centre

Owned and operated by Cathy Foyston and Bill Statten, Back of Beyond is the realization of a lifetime dream; an inspirational setting dedicated to the wellbeing of horse and human.

The Horses

Many of the horses are rescues in one form or another. They have found a special place at Back of Beyond where they can relax and as as they heal, continue to teach and give back to their new human partners.

The Humans

In addition to an amazing Farm Family of volunteers, Cathy is certified to teach Equine Assisted Learning, has an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma and a background in working with individuals with “Special Needs” and youth at risk. Bill is an experienced driver who loves to take the big heavy teams for a spin on the trails and can fix just about anything. Kelly Jacobsen is the owner of Hands High Equine Solutions and is a certified saddle fitter and Equine Assisted Learning instructor.

The Facilities

The facilities at Back of Beyond have been constructed to be comfortable for the humans and have what is best for the horses. In addition to many paddocks with run in sheds and safe fencing, there is also a central stable, heated viewing area, 60ft by 120ft indoor arena (perfect for all seasons), an outdoor 90ft by 140ft sand ring, and an outdoor 60ft round pen.

Why Choose Us

When you build a mutually enriching and satisfying bond between a horse and a human everybody benefits. We offer exceptional equine experiences where participants have an opportunity to try new things and do something out of the ordinary. They are for open-minded, authentic explorers who are interested in personal development, cultural immersion and “off the beaten track” discovery with horses.

    • enjoy the Muskoka pace and lifestyle
    • spend quality time with horses
    • participate in self-discovery
    • learn and grow in a safe environment
    • connect with something outside yourself

Our Core Values

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Safety

  • Empathy


Our dream and our goal is to create a haven for horse and human. A place where you can spend time with horses and connect on a much deeper level; a place where you leave feeling better than when you came; a place of self discovery through interaction with horses; a place where respect for others, confidence, safety and empathy reign true.



Owner of Back of Beyond Equine Centre


Owner of Back of Beyond Equine Centre


Instructor at Back of Beyond Equine Centre

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